Report incidents voluntarily

It’s always possible as a digital service provider to submit a voluntary report to the CSIRT-DSP. A report is considered voluntary if the criteria for a mandatory report aren’t met (yet).

If your organization is the casualty of an incident, you can contact the CSIRT-DSP 24/7. Regardless of a voluntary or mandatory report, the CSIRT-DSP may be able to provide assistance or advice. A voluntary report does not require you to report to the supervising agency, the Dutch Authority for Digital Infrastructure. You decide which information you wish to share with the CSIRT-DSP. The CSIRT-DSP maintains a national overview of cyber security threats for digital service providers. Voluntary reports contribute to this overview and support the CSIRT-DSP to share a topical threat overview with digital service providers, so they are informed of current threats.

You can submit a voluntary report via the incident report form, e-mail or by phone. In case of urgent incidents, we recommend you to contact us by phone.