The CSIRT-DSP has been assigned a task in the "Wet Beveiliging Netwerk- en Informatiesystemen" (Wbni). In this context, several products and services are offered to digital service providers, such as sharing of actual threat intelligence, assistance with cyberincidents and newsletters that keep you up to date with the latest relevant cyber news and vulnerabilities. 

Are you a digital service provider and do you wish to know more about the services we can offer to your organization, please reach out to us via or contact us by phone (+3170-3796222). 

Who are the services intended for?

CSIRT-DSP offers services to digital service providers. If you want to know if your organization is a digital service provider, more information can be found on this page. If you have assessed that your organization is (potentially) a digital service provider, you can reach out to us via to receive more information. You can also contact us by phone via +3170-3796222. We are always open to an introductory meeting to see what we can do for each other. CSIRT-DSP will validate and process your request. Our services are not offered to organizations where there is a reasonable assumption that the organization is not a digital service provider. 

Traffic Light Protocol

In our communication, CSIRT-DSP makes use of the Traffic Light Protocol. The Traffic Light Protocol is a label used to indicate sharing boundaries of the provided information. Depending on the product or service, a different TLP label can be used. Most of the information we share is shared with the label TLP:GREEN. For more information about the Traffic Light Protocol, you can consult the website of First.